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        10 Ways To Create the Home of Your Dreams With Smart Technology
        April 06, 2023

        You've built out the home of your dreams for years, right down to the wood grain flooring and white marble countertops. Finally, you're ready to upgrade to smart technology, but fear that clunky devices will ruin the physical appearance you've worked so hard to achieve. 

        You want to feel at peace cuddled up on the couch in a beautiful environment YOU created, but you don't want to leave that couch to shut off the lights or turn down the heat. 

        You can have the best of both worlds with aesthetically pleasing and compact smart technology devices! Put the icing on your dream-turned-reality with these smart technology must-haves that will allow you to love your home and it's automations.  

        It's all about the lighting. 

        Mood lighting

        Nothing takes away that warm and cozy feeling of home faster than what-feels-like fluorescent lighting, especially in the evenings. Avoid harsh lighting when you don't need it with WiFi-operated smart light bulbs. These connect to your mobile device so you can switch from bright light to warm white without replacing the entire bulb. 

        Dim the lights

        Smart dimmers allow you to create a comfy atmosphere when the time is right. Let the lights go low when you're ready to wind down and relax. Never fight over who's going to get up off the couch during movie night again. You can dim or turn off the lights using your phone instead! 

        Smart bulbs for any style

        The beauty of smart bulbs is that they resemble a regular light bulb, and they're available in several different styles, so they won't ruin your well-designed atmosphere.

        Are you a fan of matte bulbs? The vintage look? A splash of color? There's a smart bulb for all of your lighting and design needs. 

        Make temperature control chic.

        Humidity and Temperature Control 

        Are you a fan of oil diffusers and staying comfortable? While Shelly doesn't offer a line of diffusers (although it'd be neat if we did), we do carry humidity and temperature control sensors that mimic the aesthetic of one.

        Find comfort in your home's atmosphere all year round with Shelly H & T. These compact sensors help your home avoid dryness, moisture, and chilly temperature so you can relax comfortably throughout the seasons. Place your sensor anywhere in your home for functional style! 

        Thermostatic Radiator Valves

        Remember those white plastic thermostat valves that eventually turned yellow over time?

        Yes. We do, too. 

        Replace those aging devices with smart thermostatic radiator valves. These sleek energy savers are functional because they manage your heating remotely, lower your energy bills, and blend in with your home's stunning aesthetic.

        Because they are WiFi operated, you can control your home heating in real-time or set it to run on a customized schedule that fits your routine. 

        Automated Plugs

        Keep your home toasty in the cooler months and cooler in the toasty months with smart plugs that control your heating and cooling systems. 

        Simply plug these adapters in so you can remotely access your plug-in heaters, air conditioners, and more! These compact plugs sit in the wall just like a standard outlet, so they don't fill your home with clutter. 

        Keep your home safe and sleek.

        Fire Safety

        Fire safety is one of the most critical components of home security. Smoke detectors should be installed on every level of your home, and every two-story home should have at least seven detectors. Because it's necessary to have so many in your home, it's entirely understandable to want detectors with a modern and elegant design. 

        Stay safe in style with compact smart detectors that will enhance the design in any room and provide the highest level of reassurance while you're home or away. 

        Receive instant alerts to your phone when your detectors sense smoke, fire, or a change in temperature, so you and your family stay safe round the clock. 

        Gas Safety 

        Gas leaks can be deadly, and because toxic gasses can quickly go undetected, it's critical to have sensors in place. 

        Avoid exposure to common gasses such as Liquified Petroleum Gas and Compressed Natural Gas by adding compact smart gas sensors to your home. 

        Dangerous gas leaks can occur anywhere in the home, but not all gas leak detectors can be placed anywhere in the house. With its compact and modern design, Shelly GAS can be used anywhere to satisfy you with safety. 

        Flood Safety 

        Leaks happen! Protect your home and peace of mind with flood sensors. Flood sensors detect even the slightest touch of water and alert you of any changes in your moisture level. 

        Our Shelly Flood sensors feature a compact, harmonious design that can be placed anywhere and complements any aesthetic. These small but powerful sensors don't require installation or wiring! Just place it in your desired location. 

        Space-saving buttons that automate it all.

        Control your lighting, garage doors, blinds, fans, and so much more with home-automation buttons

        If you're anything like us, excess clutter in your home gives you the ick (especially if it interrupts your home's flow). Home automation buttons are powerful enough to control your smart home functions but small enough to fit in your pocket. So say goodbye to those clunky hubs that consume your countertop space! 

        No matter your style, Shelly Home Automation Products will help to elevate your whole-home experience. 



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