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        Smart Home Technology for Beginners
        April 14, 2023

        In the day and age of 2022, it seems as though “smart technology” is everywhere doesn’t it? It’s in the hands of almost every one who owns a phone. It’s in every restaurant that lets you cash out right from your table without calling the waiter. And it’s in schools that are now offering laptops to work from rather than the old school projects we grew up on. 

        So with smart technology entering almost every aspect of our lives in the outside world, it’s no surprise the great leaps have been made in how we use smart technology in our very own homes. 

        From Smart TV’s, to smart security systems, window dressings and more, smart technology has certainly transformed the lives of everyday people. It’s made things more accessible for those with disabilities and it’s made homes a true retreat for those looking for a happy place to wind down. 

        But if you’re someone who finds themselves struggling with this transition into a technologically advanced world, then we want you to know that you don’t have to step into this luxurious life alone! 

        At Shelly, we pride ourselves on the ability to make smart home technology that is simple and acceptable for every customer. Not only does this mean that our devices are easy to adapt into your lifestyle but because we want to reduce the headache, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that all of our products can work well with each other. 

        So even if you’re just a beginner today, our products can satisfy the expert you’ll grow into tomorrow. 

        But before we get ahead of ourselves, we want to make sure we set you out on the right path! If you’re a beginner looking for stress-free ways to bring smart home technology into your home, then read on! 

        This breakdown was made just for you!


        Smart technology is a lot of fun! Once you learn all that it can do, it’s easy to get addicted to the ways of streamlining and elevating your lifestyle. However, one of the first ways we love to introduce smart home technology to our new/beginner customers is through that of Security. 

        We’ve found that when you mix the basic principle of safety with the freedom of fun, it tends to create a more lasting and bonding impression with its user. 

        By introducing you to safe and easy ways to start using these devices when it comes to your security, you receive immediate benefits. You’re able to protect what you treasure most. You’re able to see how smart home technology can protect your valuables better than how you might currently be doing. And you’re also able to experience how easy it can be to adapt luxuries like this in your life overall. 

        That being said, here are some fun and easy smart home devices that can promote security in your home via easy setups. 

        Motion Sensor

        If leaving your home unattended is something that worries you, the wi-fi operated Shelly Motion Sensor could bring you great relief! Connected via wi-fi, and catching anything up to 9 meters away from where it's installed, this sensor can alert you to any movement or vibration in your home. 

        Additionally, with tamper detection built in, this sensor will also immediately notify you via phone should anyone try to move the device. 

        Not a fan of installation? No problem. The Shelly Motion Sensor can be mounted or placed to stand anywhere you like. We promised you this was for beginners!

        For expert use: when paired with things like our automated blinds, the Shelly Motion Sensor can also be set up to open your blinds every morning. 

        Window Sensors

        Pack on more home security (without the hefty security bill) with our wi-fi operated Shelly Door Window sensors. These can be applied to any door or window within your home with easy setup and will notify you immediately of any opening and closing of door/windows, tilt angle, or vibrations. 

        It’s the peace of security you need no matter where you are!

        Gas Sensor

        When it comes to keeping your home and family safe, smart home technology gives you an added advantage by protecting you against the threats both known and unknown. This is especially true with wi-fi operated devices like that of our Shelly Gas CNG.

        This smart home device is a compact and highly sensitive Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)  detector that can alert you to natural gas leaks in your home. Due to the fact that many natural gas leaks are sometimes odorless and unrecognizable, this sensor has definitely made its way to our favorites list!

        Plug and Play

        Now that we’ve covered some of the more serious uses of smart home technology for beginners, we’re ready to have some fun! 

        Because like we said, a big part of using smart home technology is finding the fun in it! After all, didn’t we all spend childhood days pretending to be robots or having gadgets like that of Spy Kids? 

        Well now we have it so it’d be such a loss not to put them to good use! Here are some fun ways Shelly helps you do that. 


        If you’ve ever fought with your partner over getting up to turn off the bedroom light or spent minutes in the dark fumbling to switch on a light after getting home, then you’re going to LOVE our smart home bulbs. 

        Coming in all different sizes and watts, our Shelly Duo bulbs are wi-fi operated, can change colors as well as brightness and can be turned on with just a tap of your finger when accessed through our app. 


        No more stubbing your toe in the dark! Life just got a bit less painful. 


        Raise your hand if you ever left an iron on or turned the car around because you thought you left the iron on.

        Well with smart home devices like our Shelly Plus Plug, those days are no more! By plugging this device into your standard outlet, you transform every appliance that goes into it. 

        Wi-fi operated and accessible from the app, the electricity from these plugs can be switched off with just another tap of your finger. This means no more left on appliances, screen time control capabilities for the kiddos and (an added bonus) automated energy efficiency.

        Smart Home Tech is Smart Home Fun!

        With security monitoring and plug-and-play fun, we hope we’ve shown you how easy and adaptable Smart Home Technology can be for even the newest of beginners. 

        Most of our beginner devices require setups that you already do in your day-to-day lives! The twist of a bulb or the push of a socket. Not to mention, ALL of our devices are Alexa, Google Home, Android and IOS compatible so there’ll be no confusion over getting them to work. 

        The most you’ll have to do is say “Hey Alexa…”


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