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        Shelly Flood
        $29.90excl. tax
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        Wi-Fi-operated flood sensor

        • Detects and reports any type of leakage
        • Temperature measurement
        • Low-consuming: Works for up to 18 months on battery
        • Battery 1xCR123A - NOT included
        • Easy control through the Shelly app or various protocols, platforms, and voice assistants.
        • Has an embedded web server and connects to your Wi-Fi network
        Shelly Flood

        why shelly flood?

        Smart flood sensor designed for your home's safety

        Shelly Flood is a smart Wi-Fi water leak detector with temperature measurement that will help you stay aware of any unexpected leaks, as well as temperature fluctuations, no matter how far from home you are. No wiring, easy control, and compatibility with other devices in your home network make Shelly Flood the best smart addition to your home safety.

        Wi-Fi Operated

        Connect Shelly Flood to your Wi-Fi network. No HUB required! 


        Place the sensor anywhere in your home where flooding may occur.

        Temperature sensor

        Be aware of temperature fluctuations and keep your floor heating at the desired temperature. 

        Long battery life 

        Feel more comfortable with Shelly Flood’s long-lasting battery life of up to 18 months. 

        Immediate notifications

        You will receive a notification immediately if Shelly Flood detects any liquid.

        Smart scenes

        Set Shelly Flood to activate various scenes based on 
        given conditions. 

        Endless use applications

        use cases
        No unexpected leaks while away

        Thanks to its small size, Shelly Flood can fit virtually anywhere. Simply place it where leakage might occur - right under any water or heat pipes, fridges and freezers, washing machines, etc. Shelly Flood will notify you in case of the slightest leakage - letting you react before a puddle forms.

        use cases

        Stop water when not at home

        We're all planning time away, but we shouldn't have to leave our homes fully unsupervised. Use Shelly Plus 1 to control your home's water supply and Shelly Flood to monitor for leaks. Together, they can save your home from disastrous water damage! If Shelly Flood detects a leak, it will trigger Shelly Plus 1 to close off the water supply to minimize damage caused by the leaking pipe or appliance. 

        use cases
        Equipment damages prevention

        Shelly Flood sensor can prevent potential threats, including equipment damage by simply placing the smart sensor close to which your appliances are connected. If Shelly Flood detects any leaks, it will immediately trigger Shelly Plus 1PM to cut off the power supply of the sockets, preventing potential threats.

        use cases
        Efficient floor heating control

        Make sure the temperature of your business facility or home is always welcoming – whether it’s a yoga studio, gym changing room, spa center, or your own living room! Shelly Flood can monitor the floor temperature and trigger Shelly Plus 1PM to turn on the heating system when the temperatures drop below desired levels.

        Battery life18 months
        Battery typeCR123A - NOT included
        Power supply ACNo
        Power supply DCNo
        Illumination measurementNo
        Motion detectionNo
        Tilt angle detectionNo
        Vibration detectionNo
        Water detectionYes
        Temperature measurement range– 40°C ~ 60°C (± 1°C)
        Humidity measurement range
        Operational temperature0°C to + 40 °C
        Device power consumption< 1 W
        Local and remote controlYes
        Weekly ScheduleYes
        Wi-Fi Protocol802.11 b/g/n
        Wi-Fi Radio frequency2412 - 2484 MHz
        Wi-Fi Radio signal power1mW
        Wi-Fi Rangeup to 50 m outdoors and up to 30 m indoors (depending on the building materials)
        Size70mm x 19 mm

        Smart home control, perfected.

        Shelly Cloud App

        Shelly Smart Control is here! One app to control your spaces, energy, consumption, and expenses! 
        Customize your dashboards, get detailed consumption reports, and stay on top of your electricity bills.