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        Cloud App
        Smart home control, perfected!
        Smart home control, perfected with Shelly Cloud App
         About Shelly Cloud
        Shelly Cloud Application

        Enjoy enhanced home automation control and precise monitoring of your Shelly devices no matter where you are with Shelly Cloud App. Now with new and fresh design, modern look and feel, improved and customer-friendly navigation, and Bluetooth device inclusion! 

        The app features an intuitive dashboard with a customizable home screen designed for smooth control over your smart home or facility.

         About Shelly Cloud
        Enhanced home automation and control 

        Shelly Cloud App will help you control your Shelly devices remotely and will send notifications for all automated events in your home. You can easily configure devices and manage their settings individually, or you can create personalized scenes by combining Shelly devices to trigger certain actions in your home automation. 

        Energy efficiency
        Improve your energy efficiency with the Shelly Cloud App 

        Save on electricity bills by improving the overall power usage of your household or office. Shelly Cloud App supports real-time power metering* and allows you to build complex automation solutions for improved energy and operational efficiency. 

        *Available for PM devices, smart plugs, and smart bulbs.

        Smart home control, perfected.

        Shelly Cloud App

        Download the Shelly Cloud App. Sign up/in to your account to begin your Smart home or Office journey.  Available for iOS, Android, and Huawei! 
        Create and manage rooms

        Create personalized rooms for more convenient control of the devices. You will be able to control the devices in each room as a group or individually. 

        Device inclusion

        Include your Shelly devices in Shelly Cloud App, name them, and assign them to the rooms they belong to.


        Turn on/off or Dim the lights, open and close the blinds, monitor the power consumption of the washing machine and kitchen appliances, control the garage door... you name it. Now a simple tap on the screen is enough to control all connected devices in your home. 

        Smart scenes

        Get creative by combining multiple devices into one smart scene with pre-set sequentially triggered actions for a single purpose. 

        Are you in the mood for "Movie night"? Or have a favorite "Morning routine"? Use Shelly Cloud App to set up the scene and enjoy as it unfolds.

        Custom schedules

        Teach your home how to interact with you best by setting custom schedules based on your agenda. 

        You can set Shelly Plus 1 to turn on the garage alley lights at 7:00 PM on workdays, or set Shelly TRV to increase the temperature in the house an hour before you come back from work, making sure that the house is cozy and welcoming for your arrival. 

        Group devices

        Define custom Groups where you can combine multiple devices and control them simultaneously. 

        Add members

        Easily add family members to your profile in Shelly Cloud App and create an experience that works for all of you.

          Highly compatible devices 

        Shelly devices are compatible with other most widely accepted both local and cloud based home automation platforms. Having a Shelly user account is necessary to include your Shelly devices to home automation platforms like Google Home or Alexa.